Locating The Best Real Estate Agent When Buying Property

Buying property is one of the best investment anyone can make. In fact, most investors prefer to invest their money in this sector. When buying a property whether, for investment or family use, there is a great need to use a real estate agent. It is a no-brainer that this option has numerous benefit. Again, the risk of approaching the issue by yourself is too high. So, now that you know the need to hire estate agents, what are the best way to locate them?

How to locate the best real estate agent

Browse the web

fdgdfgdfgfhThe Web is an excellent platform for marketing and most real estate agent have secured a presence there via a website. The best way to check is by making a search query on the search engine for the relevant agents you need. Check for those in your area for convenience. From the list of many provided by Google, Bing or any other search engine, one will need to filter down on the best real estate agents. Visiting and analyzing the websites of a couple may sound tiresome but a worth process for those who want the best properties.

Use the review websites

Some dedicated review websites on the Internet usually list the real estate agents in certain areas, the services they offer and the ranking according to services they offer. It is a quick and certain way to get a quick reference on the best agents. It is prudent to compare more than one review websites and see which agent is ranking on top of each. If one gets an opportunity to rank high on all, then they must have something worth considering.

Ask for referral on social media forums

fdfdgdgdfgdfgdfgfdgApart from being social platforms, they are also rich sources of information. People from all filed of life usually meet here and exchange idea and advises. Additionally, social media usually has various groups of people with similar interests. It is here one can get real estate, affiliated groups and seek to be referred to the best in town. Various arising discussions can give further hints on how the agents do their work.

Use property magazines and publications

Property magazines usually list various real estate agents one can use to buy property. While this can only give a brief of who they are, it can be a good start to for the background check. The publications do offer links to websites, social media pages or telephone contacts to make. If you have a Smartphone, it is easier to scan the bar code and get directed to the website directly.

Using the above options is a good and quick way to get a real estate agent for your needs


Common Issues To Pay Attention To When Buying A New House

sdasasaAs we all know, buying a new house is probably one of the biggest events in anyone’s life. However, it is also one of the trickiest as well. In order to protect your large investment and your family members, you absolutely need to know what are some of the most common issues found in homes that are typically available in today’s real estate market. For that matter, you should always hire certified inspectors to look for any problems.

 Plumbing Issues

In recent years, there have also been plenty of reports involving a variety of pipe types causing all kinds of problems. In most cases, galvanized pipes have been proven to cause many rust issues. Also, some polybutylene or plastic pipes have been confirmed to cause leaking problems as well. When inspecting a certain house, make sure it has properly installed copper tubing. If you are incapable of conducting your own inspection and if you are worried about certain plumbing issues, do not hesitate to hire a professional plumber to inspect the house.

Defective Stucco

These days, many houses feature artificial or defective Stucco. This type of Stucco is commonly made up of foam coat, along with mesh reinforcement, and followed by another base coat and stucco coat. If installed correctly, stucco can add great value to your home and vastly improve its insulation properties. However, if installed improperly, it can lead to a myriad of structural problems, and with that, great repair costs. For example, it can easily keep the moisture inside your walls, which can quickly lead to wood rot.


For this reason, it is no secret that there are tons of lawsuits pending against the contractors responsible for improper stucco installation. If you notice any stucco issues while inspecting a new home, do not hesitate to ask the current owner to replace the stucco and conduct the necessary repairs. If you suspect improper installation, make sure to file a lawsuit with the help of reputable Stucco Lawyers.

Chinese Drywall

In the midst of the housing boom that took place during the mid-2000s, many building contractors were known to import cheap Chinese drywall. As a result, many homeowners were quickly faced with a variety of problems. Hence, if you inspect a certain house and immediately notice a strong smell that resembles rotten eggs, the house was most likely built using cheap Chinese drywall. In addition to smelling awful, this type of drywall is also known to cause air condition coils and copper wiring to corrode too. In many cases, people who ended up buying such houses were quickly forced to sell them and move out due to a variety of breathing problems. Therefore, if you come across any of the previously mentioned indications, stay away from such a house.

Problems Related To Lead Paint

As you already probably know, lead paint can lead to various health issues. It can cause mental impairment as well as irreversible brain damage. Therefore, when inspecting houses, especially those built before 1980, make sure to pay attention to the traces of lead paint. If you notice any, you will have to hire the professionals to appropriately and safely remove the paint.